2015 ASME IMECE President's Luncheon in Houston, Texas


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  • 2015 ASME IMECE President's Luncheon in Houston, Texas

    Hi Everyone,
    In first pic on top left, you see Executive Director Thomas Loughlin at the extreme right, then the President-Elect Keith Roe, then the lady who is Chair of the 'Auxiliary', It used to be the 'Women's Auxiliary', but with many women mechanical engineers, it is just the 'Auxiliary' which caters to the spouses of ME's. I am next to her.
    In the top right pic, you see a better photo of the people. The man next to me is Dr. Webber, the Kreith medallist.
    In the bottom left pic, we have current President Julio Guerrero. He is our first Latino ASME President. We don't have our first Asian American ASME President yet!! There is a majority of mechanical engineering professors who are Asian and Middle-Eastern.
    Last pic on bottom corner is a studio-photo taken in Miami.
    Best Wishes, Kaufui Vincent Wong

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