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Five Fuels: Five Fuels Four fuels are oil, coal, natural gas, biofuel The fifth fuel is not really chemically a fuel.

Exergy as a Sustainability Measure in the Ancient Sandstone Art World: This is a brand new article, unpublished elsewhere. The photos of the three U.S. national parks were taken in March 2009.

Reasons Student Needs to Practice Solving Thermodynamic Problems: The exam question is presented in thermodynamics Numbers in question are merely data in thermodynamics. Data remains as such if not understood as information Understanding relations transforms data into information.

The Use of Electronic Thermodynamic Property Tables in Instruction is Supported by Engineering Accreditation Criteria: This paper was published in Oct-Dec. 1999 issue of the ASEE journal, Computers in Education.

Power Plant Word Cloud: is the link for the above colorful word cloud in

Energy Challenges Word Cloud: This is a colorful word cloud regarding "Energy Challenges".