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Advanced Energy Systems Division

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ASME's Advanced Energy Systems Division (AESD) was founded in 1964, as the Energetics Division. In 1982, the Division's name was changed to the Advanced Energy Systems Division, reflecting its broader scope. Organized as one of four divisions within the Society's Energy Resources Board, the Division is concerned with non-conventional or emerging energy conversion processes, both direct and indirect. Emphasis is placed on conversion from chemical and thermal to electrical or mechanical forms of energy. Recent activities have included consideration of transportation energy requirements, thermal discharge disposition, advanced power cycles, pollution impacts and the demands on technology due to the energy crisis.

Division Mission

New energy technologies can reduce the nation's vulnerability to major changes in energy availability, enhance power generation, transmission and consumption efficiencies and contribute to an improvement in overall environmental quality. The Advanced Energy Systems Division strives to represent a variety of technologies in various stages of development, from untried concepts through laboratory models, to full-scale hardware.

Division Goals

  • To promote the art and science of mechanical engineering in advanced energy systems.
  • To encourage and foster research and development and the publication of significant data in the field of advanced energy systems and systems analysis techniques.
  • To encourage interchange of ideas among engineers by encouraging technical publication, organizing programs for technical presentations and discussions, and cooperating with other ASME professional divisions, groups, committees and Society segments.
  • To direct attention to outstanding engineering achievement in the area of advanced energy systems.

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