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  • Akron ASME / Cleveland SAE Mon., Nov. 14 Polestar Motor Racing meeting

    Hello, folks:

         Cleveland SAE has extended an invitation for Akron ASME to join them in a Monday, November 14th Polestar Motor Racing tour in Chardon.  This event will include "Student Appreciation" for the participants on the SAE teams at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University, and the University of Akron.  Monetary awards will be given to them.  And, they have been invited to bring their vehicles to display.  In addition, you will have the chance to view Polestar's vehicles and talk with their personnel.

         As usual, if you register through Cleveland SAE, you will need to pre-pay.  See flyer attached hereto, and also at

    elsewhere on this website.

         However, once again, Cleveland SAE is allowing me to take all reservations from Akron ASME at or 330/864-7555 (please leave a message and I will call you back to confirm your spot).  Students are free, but you still need to tell me you are coming, so I can give them a "count".  Adults are $10.  I need your reservations by Monday, November 7th, please.  Please give me your name, affiliation, status (adult or student), and an email address and/or phone at which I can reply to you.  I will be sending a personal check to Cleveland SAE in advance of the event, on behalf of all who register through me, and then you can pay me back at the event, or later.  Since I will be personally responsible for paying for you, please do not take this commitment lightly, i.e., if you register through me, I expect you to pay me, whether you come, or not.

         Should be a wonderful evening.  Thanks for considering coming to enjoy it!

    Brent C. Sisler, P.E., Akron ASME Treasurer & Program Chair