Cara Adams' Leadership Academy Induction

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  • Cara Adams' Leadership Academy Induction

    Hello, again, folks:

          Good news, bad news:  The Akron Urban League (AUL) finally gave me  permission to post its attached *.pdf with the details of Cara's award ceremony (you will also find it in the Resources section).  This is the good news.  However, the bad news is that seems to not permit me to post any file larger than 10 MB, and only of certain types (*.mp4 files not included).  So, the AUL audiovisual *.mp4 file of Cara introducing herself and her background is too big (~123 MB) and not of an allowable type for me to post.  It is a wonderful video, and an excellent resource to show young ladies interested in STEM careers.  I would like to share it with anyone interested.  Just email me, at, and we can arrange to get it in your hands.

    Brent C. Sisler, P.E.

    Treasurer & Program Chair, Akron ASME

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