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  • Akron ASME February, 2018 events

    Hello, folks:

         I have two events to mention to you for next month: 1) Thursday, February 22nd Akron EWeek banquet; and, 2) Cleveland SAE Monday, February 26th Auto Show.  For the first, you save some money by buying your tickets before February 1st.  For the second, I offer this SAE event due to the ongoing collaboration I have with Cleveland SAE.  Unfortunately, only the first event is attached hereto, as a *.pdf, since this asme software does not seem to allow me to attach two files.  So, you will have to get the second one from the Resources section of this Akron ASME presence on  I do have both of these events there.

    Brent C. Sisler, P.E., Akron ASME Program Chair