Akron ASME Tues., March 20 Student Papers Night

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  • Akron ASME Tues., March 20 Student Papers Night

    Hello, folks:

         We have 4 papers to be presented at this event:

    1.  Additive Manufacturing with In-Situ Resource Utiliization on Extra-Terrestrial Bodies".

    2.  UA Hydraulic Bicycle Design.

    3. Fracture Testing a Horse-Hoof-Inspired Biomimetic Structure.

    4.  UA Human Powered Vehicle Engineering Design Team Frame Subsystem Design.

         It is not too late for you to register and come listen to these presentations.  See the flyer attached or in the Resources section of Akron ASME's presence on asme.org.

         Hope to see you there!

    Brent C. Sisler, P.E., Akron ASME Program Chair

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