Official ASME Group

Applied Mechanics Division

Applied Mechanics Division (AMD) strives to foster the intelligent use of mechanics by engineers and to develop this science to serve the needs of the engineering community.


To see the leadership of the Applied Mechanics Division please visit the Executive Committee.

CHAIR (July 2015 - June 2020):
Yonggang Huang
Northwestern University

VICE-CHAIR (July 2016 - June 2021):
Yuri Bezilevs
Brown University

PROGRAM CHAIR (July 2017 - June 2022):
Pradeep Guduru
Brown University

PROGRAM VICE-CHAIR (July 2018 - June 2023):
Taher Saif
Diego University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

SECRETARY (July 2019 - June 2024):
Marco Amabili
McGill University

PAST CHAIR (July 2014 - June 2019):
Balakumar Balachandran
University of Maryland

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