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News & Updates

  • ASME Foundation Newsletter- The Engine

    The ASME Foundation's 3rd donor newsletter- produced last month- is now available online!

    This issue of The Engine focuses on ASME's activities in the K-12 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) space and community. In particular, the impact of our middle school course INSPIRE, as well as more information on our 3D Space Challenge, hosted by Future Engineers, in partnership with NASA.

    Happy Reading!

    --If you would like to request a hard copy, or duplicate copies, please contact us at 

  • 2014 Discover Engineering Family Day

    Discover Engineering Family Day was an all-day event on Feb. 22 designed to introduce students aged 4 to 12 to the wonders of engineering and the importance of technological literacy. It attracted thousands of people and kicked off DiscoverE Engineers Week activities in Washington, D.C.

    ASME Foundation sponsored the ASME exhibit at the National Building Museum where ASME members used a series of experiments to explain wave phenomena. The demonstrations were designed to advance from the simple definitions of phenomena to more complex ideas. 

    One of the hands-on activities included using plastic cups as telephones to demonstrate wave guides and sounding boards.

  • 2014 Future City Competition

    Congratulations to the Academy for Science and Foreign Language- the regional Future City finalists from Alabama - for winning Best Futuristic City, awarded by ASME at the 2014 Future City competition.




  • ASME Foundation Donor Reception

    The ASME Foundation would like to thank all those who attend our Donor Reception this past Sunday to help us celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the ASME Federal Fellowship Program. It was so wonderful to see some of our most dedicated supporters!


    Special thanks to ASME President Madiha Kotb and former Board of Government Relations Vice President Susan Ipri Brown for speaking during the even!

  • The Engine - Donor Newsletter

    The ASME Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of its first donor newsletter- The Engine.

     "You may ask why we chose “The Engine” as the masthead for our publication. Well, truth be told, the Foundation, through the generous support of our donors, is the “engine” that powers ASME’s mission programs in K-12 STEM education, university student education, humanitarian engineering, and public policy. Also, “engines” convert energy into useful mechanical motion and to us our engineer members provide a similar conversion—using their knowledge, vision, and experience to affect great change in the world. This newsletter provides us the opportunity to highlight their great work, summarizing:

    • ASME’s latest programs and initiatives that your donations support;

    • How the ASME community contributes to changing the world in education, global development, and public policy;

     • Various ways you can continue to contribute to the ASME Foundation; and

     • ASME colleagues who have recently joined our donor societies

    Our mission programs would not be possible without donors such as you, so we created The Engine to keep you informed about your ASME Foundation."