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About the Community

What It Is

In May 2013, ASME launched a new Community platform that allows groups and sections of the organization to engage and have an online presence in a new way. With this tool, Participants have the benefit of making their voices heard and staying informed on ASME group activities, all on one platform.

How You Can Participate

The Community provides social networking capabilities that enable you to be part of a robust virtual global engineering community, allowing you to connect, engage, network, and collaborate in a spectrum of activities:

  • Find professional colleagues and make new connections in an online community tailored to the needs and interests of engineers.
  • Network and share information and insights with colleagues from all over the world.
  • Participate in ASME groups virtually, making collaboration easier and more convenient.
  • Comment on and debate current issues in Group Forums.
  • Communicate with Participants through online messaging.
  • Stay informed about activities and events that engineering professionals in your field are attending.
  • Participate on your own terms—whenever you want.

More Information

To learn more about the Community platform and getting started, take a look at our webinar. If you have additional questions, visit our Frequently Asked Questions or post your thoughts in the Group Forum!

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