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ASME Members: How to Access Your Membership and Benefits

If you're an ASME member, you can quickly and easily access and change your membership information.

From your Dashboard, select "Membership & Benefits" in the bottom left-hand sidebar.



Your official member name and ID number should appear on the right-hand side of the page; if this is not the case and you are a current member, contact

You should also see the year that you became a member. If you do not see this date or it is incorrect, contact



In addition to accessing information about your benefits as a member, you can also update your membership e-mail, mailing address, and more. Click "Member Contact Information" to get started.



When you first arrive on the contact information page, your personal information may not appear on the left-hand side. If that's the case, please refresh the page.



Now your current contact information should be visible.  You can update the following; Mailing Addresses, Primary Email, Telephone/Fax, Email Preferences, Email Forwarding Alias, and Professional Profile.

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