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Basic Engineering Technical Group

Basic Engineering Technical Group (BETG) is established to promote the art and science of the basic, fundamental areas of mechanical engineering of interest to ASME.


Applied Mechanics Division (AMD)
Involved in the fundamental and applied field of mechanics, including solids, fluids and systems as well as the specialized areas of shock and vibration, transportation and computer applications.

Bioengineering Division (BED)
Deals with the application of mechanical engineering knowledge, skills and principles to the conception, design, development, analysis and operation of biomechanical systems.

Fluids Engineering Division (FED)
Involved in all areas of fluid mechanics, encompassing both fundamental as well as applications to all types of device, processes and machines involving fluid flow, including pumps, turbines, compressors, pipelines, fluidic systems, biological fluid elements and hydraulic structures.

Heat Transfer Division (HTD)
Deals with the theory and application of heat transfer in equipment and thermodynamic processes in all fields of mechanical engineering and related technologies.

Materials Division (MD)
The goal of the Materials Division is to encourage and foster research and development, and the publication of significant technical information within the scope of the Division.

Tribology Division (TRIB)
The field of Tribology includes the analysis of friction, wear, lubrication phenomena and the application of such principles to mechanical design, product development, manufacturing processes & machine operation.