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Bioengineering Division

Bioengineering Division (BED) is focused on the application of mechanical engineering knowledge, skills and principles from conception to the design, development, analysis and operation of...
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BED Committees


Chair Bumsoo Han (2021-2024)
Co-Chair: Sihong Wang (2021-2024)

Design, Dynamics & Rehabilitation
Chair: Michael Moreno (2020-2023)
Co-Chair: Anita Singh (2020-2023)

Chair: Stephanie George (2020-2023)
Co-Chair: Victor Lai (2020-2023)

Fluid Mechanics
Chair: John LaDisa (2018-2021)
Co-Chair: Alejandro Roldan-Alzate (2018-2021)

Tissue & Cellular Engineering
Chair: Grace O’Connell (2020-2023)
Co-Chair: David Corr (2020-2023)

Solid Mechanics
Chair: Kristin Myers (2020-2023)


Student Paper Competition
Chair: Joao Soares
Co-Chair (PhD) Kristin Miller
Co-Chair (MS): Megan Killian
Co-Chair (BS): Mariana Kersch

Undergraduate Design Competition
Chair: Michael Moreno
Co-Chair: Ted Conway

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