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Y.C. Fung Young Investigator Award Recipients

The Y.C. Fung Young Investigator Award was established to recognize young investigators who are committed to pursuing research in the field of Bioengineering and have demonstrated significant potential to make substantial contributions to the field of Bioengineering.

The award was established by the Bioengineering Division in 1985 and operated as a division award until 1998 when it was elevated to a Society award.

Y.C. Fung Young Medalists (Society Level)

2020 Matthew B. Fisher 2009 Robert L. Mauck
2019 Grace D. O'Connell 2008 Gabriel A. Silva
2018 Spencer P. Lake 2007 Stavros Thomopoulos
2017 Kristin m. Myers 2006 Beth A. Winkelstein
2016 Triantafyllos Stylianopoulos 2005 Jeffrey W. Holmes
2015 Adam J. Engler 2004 Richard E. Debski
2014 W. David Merryman 2003 Sangeeta N. Bhatia
2013 Jonathan P. Vande Geest 2002 Jeffrey A. Weiss
2012 Marissa Nichole Rylander 2001 David F. Meaney
2011 Ali Khademhosseini 2000 Farshid Guilak
2010 Matthew J. Gounis 1999 Rebecca Richards-Kortum






Y.C. Fung Young Medalists (Division Level)

1998 Louis J. Soslowsky
1992 Cheng Zhu
1997 Gerard A. Ateshian 1991 Michael Kwan
1996 Antony Keaveny 1990 Jay D. Humphrey
1995 Cheng Dong 1989 David N. Ku
1994 Mehmet Toner 1988 N/A
1993 John A. Frangos 1987 Steven A. Goldstein
1986 Mark H. Holmes

For additional information on this award, or for nomination information, please visit the Y.C. Fung Young Investigator Award page on

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