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Welcome to the Central Oklahoma Section of ASME!

Engineering Scholarship Information

ASME Central Oklahoma Section Scholarship

Our Section will offer five (5) $750 grants to local ASME Student Members who qualify and will not exclude any applicant from applying for others available at the national level. 

The following links will guide you to our application and the national site containing information about other scholarship applications:

 ASME Central Oklahoma Section Application (PDF Format);

 ASME Central Oklahoma Section Application (Word Format);

NOTE: The Central OK Scholarship application deadline has been extended to 31 May 2021.


ASME Society Level Scholarship

ASME society level scholarships are also available. The application is open each year at different date spans for Undergraduate and Graduate level scholarships funding the following academic year.  There is a separate application period each year for High School seniors, as well.  More details are at the following link:

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