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Awards and Scholarships

2017 ASME COS Recognition

The ASME Central Oklahoma Section is pleased to announce that nine of our members have reached significant milestones in their professional careers.  These members have been presented with certificates and rockers for their ASME pins in recognition of their years of membership in ASME:

25 Years          

Janet Allen, Ph.D., Fellow Member

Mark W. Fikes, Member

Ted W. Huskinson, Member

Prabhakar Pagilla, Ph.D, Fellow Member


Jerry D. Birdsong, Life Member

Dallas C. Robinson, Life Member

David Lynn Turney, Ph.D., P.E., Life Member

50 Years

James E. Bose, Ph.D., P.E., Life Member

Edwin C. Reynolds, Jr., P.E., Life Member

Our congratulations to these members for their continued membership, support, and many contributions to ASME.

2017 ASME COS Scholarship Award Recipients

Brendan Ennis - Oklahoma State University | MET

Joonmoo Koo - Oklahoma State University | MET

Devin Laurence - The University of Oklahoma | AME

2017 ASME Student Member Recognition

ASME Central Oklahoma Section student member awards recognizing individual students for their academic achievement and outstanding service to their ASME Student Sections were presented to the following students at our April meeting:

Clayton Smith - The Tom J. Love Award  @ The University of Oklahoma

No Award for 2017 - The Jerald D. Parker Award @ Oklahoma Christian University

Michael Reed - The James H. Boggs Award @ Oklahoma State University

Joonmoo Koo - Mechanical Engineering Technology Award @ Oklahoma State University

Congratulations to these ASME student members!

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