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Welcome to the Central Oklahoma Section of ASME!

Volunteer Opportunities

J. Bruce Stout Rubber Band Powered Vehicle Contest - Volunteers Needed

Each February at the Oklahoma Science Museum (Formerly The Omniplex)

Our Section sponsors and runs this contest each year and is always in need of Senior & Student Member volunteers for judging and registering contestants.  These are typically 6th through 9th graders who have formed teams to build a rubber band powered vehicle to carry a 1-lb box of baking soda.  Many different concepts have been devised over the year--some more successful than others, but all fun to watch.

Judging and registering contestants is relatively easy and all procedures and rules will be clearly explained before the contest starts.  We need 7-12 volunteers to help out, in order to ensure the contest runs smoothlyMore volunteers make for shorter shifts for each.

Please contact either Ed Reynolds ( ) or Frank Parker ( ) to ask about volunteering for this event.

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