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Welcome to the Central Oklahoma Section of ASME!

About Us

  • Who are we?

  • Section information:
    The Central Oklahoma Section in Oklahoma City was first a Subsection of Mid-Continent Section in 1966 and a Section in 1968.

This map shows all of the OK counties that make up the
Central Oklahoma Section of ASME.

( Click on the Map to Enlarge it in a New Window or Tab )

  • Our territory currently includes the following counties:
    Alfalfa Cotton Harper Major Seminole
    Beaver Custer Jackson Marshall Stephens
    Beckham Dewey Jefferson McClain Texas
    Blaine Ellis Johnston Murray Tillman
    Caddo Garfield Kay Noble Washita
    Canadian Garvin Kingisher Oklahoma Woods
    Carter Grady Kiowa Payne Woodward
    Cimarron Grant Lincoln Pontotoc
    Cleveland Greer Logan Pottawatomie
    Comanche Harmon Love Roger Mills
  • Four Student Sections are located within this section:

University of Oklahoma-AME, Established in 1917
Oklahoma State University-MAE, Established in 1921
Oklahoma Christian University-ME, Established in 1991
Oklahoma State University-MET, Established in 1999

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