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News & Updates

  • March 3rd Meeting - Facility-Related Control System

    You are invited to attend a session about Facility-Related Control System on March 3rd.

    Meeting to begin around 5:00 PM with pizza provided. Guest speaker 6:00-7:00 PM.

    Location: Grimsley Hall The Citadel, (#15) on the Map (see attached Campus Map, below)

    Room 117 Citadel

    Parking: Parking is available in front of Grimsley Hall and around Summerall Field. If no parking is available in these areas, park behind Grimsley Hall

    Cadets and profession section members with membership in AIAA, SAME, or ASME are invited to attend.

    Topic/agenda: Facility-Related Control System (FRCS)

    • Overview - 5-10 minutes describing the system
    • History - 5-10 minutes discussing the 15yr development and construction cycle
    • Maintenance and Operation - 5-10 minutes discussing current phase of maintenance and operation
    • Future Development - brief discussion on expansion and improvements planned
    • FRCS Live Demonstration & Case Studies - 10-20 minutes showing the front-end user interface, programming, and discussing unique case studies of troubleshooting and solving HVAC and energy problems.
    • Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence - ~10 minutes discussing our latest projects with IBM Watson and use of artificial intelligence
    • Open Discussion - Open discussion and Q&A period

    Speaker: Edward A. Fosson, P.E.,LCDR, CEC, USN, Public Works Officer, Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort SC, O (843) 228-7075, C (843) 476-6587

    Citadel Host: Robert J. Rabb, PhD, PE, LTC, United States Army (Ret), The Citadel School of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

    Robert Rabb (843) 953-0520 (Office) or Ed Humble (843)743-6447 (Cell)