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Student Section Support

Recognizing that the future growth and well being of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is almost wholly dependent on its young members and mechanical engineering students who are members of ASME Student Sections, the purpose of this program is to nurture and support those Student Sections affiliated with the Colorado Section.

The student sections currently affiliated with the Colorado Section are:

The Colorado Section will:

  1. Appoint a member to function as the "contact" person for each of the five student sections and will inform the student sections the identity of that contact. This contact person will act as a mentor, advisor and counselor to the assigned student section and also will act as a conduit for two way communication between the student section and the Colorado Section.
  2. Will offer moral, and technical support for student section activities to the greatest extent possible.
  3. Will provide financial support, to the greatest extent possible, to projects undertaken by student sections which meet the approval of the Colorado Sections Executive Committee and meet the criteria established by the Executive Committee.
  4. Will annually sponsor a "Student In Industry" day and encourage members of the above named student sections to participate.

The Student Sections will:

Appoint a representative or representatives to act as a contact with the senior Colorado Section. Such representatives, or alternates, will be expected to attend the Colorado Section's Executive Committee meetings.

Financial Policy

At the annual August planning meeting of the Colorado Sections Executive Committee the Executive Committee will decide, or reconfirm, the amount of monies which should constitute the "Cash Reserve." This "Reserve" shall be held for unusual, unplanned contingencies. Efforts should be made to hold this Reserve somewhat inviolate, and the use of it should require a majority vote of the Executive Committee. If and when it becomes necessary to use any of the Reserve, efforts should be planned to replenish and bring the Reserve up to the agreed upon level.

Monies in excess of the agreed on or reconfirmed Reserve will be considered discretionary and may be used, all or in part, to support student sections. At the same August planning meeting of the Executive Committee, it shall be decided the amounts of money available, if any, to support the ASME Student Sections. The monies made available will be distributed as awards to student sections submitting the most valid and meritorious written requests for financial support for a specific activity.

Student Section Presentation Submittal Rules And Guidelines

Each of the five listed student sections desiring financial support from the Colorado Section of ASME must submit a typewritten or printed proposal soliciting the financial support. The written proposal must be sent or delivered to the Chair of the Colorado Section of ASME by October 1st of each year. Each student section will only submit one proposal per year.

Each written proposal shall contain the following:

  1. Introduction to the presentation stating the project or activity title, participants, and any Consultants including consulting professors.
  2. How much funding is being requested?
  3. A detailed description of the project or activity for which the funding is requested.
  4. What is the timing? When will the funds be spent?
  5. What other source of funding is being sought?
  6. Which student section officer will be responsible for the funding if it is received?
  7. What are the results expected from a successful activity or project?

The written proposal must not include more than three 8 ½ x 11" pages and must be signed by a minimum of two student section officers and the faculty advisor.

The Executive Committee of the Colorado Section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers will evaluate all the submitted proposals received by the stated deadline for completeness, clarity and merit. The Executive Committee may distribute the discretionary funds in any manner they determine. One outstanding proposal may receive all the funds available or the funds may be divided between two or more merited proposals. The decisions of the Executive Committee are final and not subject to appeal.

R. K. Bensching,