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Welcome to the Columbia Basin Section of ASME. The Columbia Basin Section covers 6 counties in Washington State (Kittitas, Yakima, Klickitat, Benton, Franklin, and Walla Walla). Check back for...
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News & Updates

  • Welding of Polymers to Metals with Friction Stir Welding

    Wednesday, November 11th, we’ll have one of the leading researchers
    in Friction Stir Welding presenting on his research joining both
    dissimilar alloys as well as the welding of polymers to metals. From the
    automotive industry to aerospace, Friction Stir Welding is gaining
    popularity due to its ability to join vastly dissimilar materials without
    the normal shortcomings associated with the heat-effected zone of a
    traditional weld.

    This will be another joint meeting with the American Welding Society, but
    will be presented with a focus towards mechanical engineers rather than

    Speaker: Dr. Yuri Hovanski, PNNL

    Location: Round Table Pizza, 1435 George Washington Way, Richland, WA

    Time: Social/No-host dinner starts at 5:30PM. Program starts at 6PM.

    No RSVP required. We hope to see you all there.