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Welcome to the Columbia Basin Section of ASME. The Columbia Basin Section covers 6 counties in Washington State (Kittitas, Yakima, Klickitat, Benton, Franklin, and Walla Walla). Check back for...
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News & Updates

  • Lampson Crane Tour

    On October 19th at 10am, the Columbia Basin Section will have a tour of the Lampson International facilities in Kennewick and Pasco.

    Tour of the Lampson shops and yard facilities.  In a nut shell, we start in our office and give your group a bit of history about our company.  From there we get outfitted in our hard hats, safety glasses and ear plugs and take a tour of our Machine and Fabrication shops in Kennewick before going over to Big Pasco for a tour of our shop and yard.  The tour usually lasts about an hour and a half.  For the Kennewick shops we will walk and for the Pasco shops, we will caravan over.  

  • “The Importance of Area in Probabilistic Degradation Models” Presentation

    The ASME Columbia Basin Section is privileged to offer you a presentation by Mr. Joseph Cluever from LPI, Inc. (LPI), entitled “The Importance of Area in Probabilistic Degradation Models.”  Presentation will be at 6:30 pm on October 23rd at the Round Table Pizza on George Washington Way, Richland, Washington.  Attendants may order dinner (no host dinner) at 6:00.

    Mr. Joseph Cluever is a Senior Engineer at LPI with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and M.S. in Mathematics.  He specializes in statistical and numerical methods for structural integrity and reliability, and life cycle management applications.  Mr. Cluever has employed multiple frequentist and Bayesian regression analysis techniques to develop empirical models for erosion-corrosion, pitting, and stress corrosion cracking phenomena.  He has performed time series analysis of accelerometer data for nuclear power plants to assist in fault detection.  He has written several Monte Carlo simulations to provide probabilistic analysis of nuclear power plant life cycle management, profitability of competing business decisions, and material degradation due to erosion-corrosion of nuclear waste in piping systems, fatigue cracking in wind towers, and corrosion of buried steel pilings.  Mr. Cluever is a registered professional engineer in Washington State.
    Probabilistic degradation models are essential for determining the risk from component or system failure.  The majority of models that exist in the literature are developed through the common approach of starting with a deterministic model, adding parameter or stressor uncertainty to the model, and claiming that the model is valid for probability of failure for an entire pipe or vessel.  The underlying flaw in this approach is that it is only valid for perfectly uniform erosion or corrosion and provides unconservative probabilities.  In reality, spatial variation always exists in degradation across a surface, giving increased probabilities of failure.  This talk discusses various methods for incorporating area into degradation models in order to provide more accurate probabilities of failure.
    In summary:
    What:  Mr. Joseph Cluever presenting “The Importance of Area in Probabilistic Degradation Models”
    When:  October 23rd, 2018 at 6:00 (food ordering), 6:30 presentation
    Where: Round Table Pizza, George Washington Way, Richland, WA
    ASME CBS hopes to see you there!
  • Day's Pay B-17 Bomber Presentation

    On July 23, 1944 Katie Bell Harris christened the DAYS PAY on the propeller of engine #4 of the brand new B-17 bomber.  Colonel F. T. Matthias, with other dignitaries, spoke and thanked all those who participated in the purchase.  At the end of the program DAYS PAY lumbered down the runway on the Hanford site headed for its ultimate destination, the 8th Army Air Force located at RAF Daws Hill Air Base in High Wycombe, England where Lieutenant Arlys Wineinger and his crew were reassigned to the fly the DAYS PAY.  The crew went on to fly many missions over Europe.
    On Friday September 28th 2:30 to 4:30 in the Richland Library, Wyatt Wineinger, son of Arlys, will speak on his fathers and the crew experiences flying DAYS PAY during World War 2. 
    Here is a first of a kind opportunity to see beyond the public story of the Day’s Pay presented jointly with the B-Reactor Museum Association and ASME.
    When: Friday, September 28, 2018 at 2:30 PM
    Where: Richland Public Library
    Please RSVP: to Dennis Armstrong    email
    Guests are welcome