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Committee on Organization and Rules

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COR is responsible for collecting and reviewing appointments for the Board of Governors. Appointments that require BOG approval are for non-elected members of the Sectors, members of the committees reporting to the Board, and representatives to outside organizations.

Appointment forms are primarily completed by staff, not volunteers The appointment form is not intended to be filled out by the appointee, and is actually not meant to speak for the appointee.

The form is meant to speak for the unit who is recommending the appointment and person filling out the form who is representating that unit. The writer is filling the form out as a record of the unit's action. COR uses this as a reference in its consideration of the appointment.

The form asks serious questions The appointment form asks some very important questions about the individual's and unit's compliance with certain Society Policies. If you do not know the answer, you should contact the appointee or a representative from the responsible unit to find out.

Ultimately the staff support person who completes the form is responsible for the answers on the form.

The form deals with serious matters Conflicts of interest and compliance with policies on diversity are serious matters and they can have serious consequences.

Please review the Conflict of Interest and policy compliance statements carefully. Do not answer "yes" and sign the form unless you know the appointee has complied with the statement or question.

There is not a right answer for all cases There are situations for individuals where signing a conflict of interest form may not be possible. This does not necessarily keep the person from being appointed.  But, be sure to obtain an explanation for the answer and the Appointment will be considered in light of the facts. Do not answer "yes" if it isn't true.

COR considers appointments on a case-by-case basis Potential conflicts of interest, compliance with Society Policies on diversity, excessively long tenure in a position, and requisite experience for a position are a few of the criteria COR examines to establish a nominee's qualification. No one element is more important than another.