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Design Education Committee Activities

The Design Education Committee (DEC) actively participates in many events to promote design education:

  • The DEC will determine topics of interest to the DEC members and actively collaborate with other ASME groups - including appropriate Technical Divisions, the ASME Board on Engineering Education, the ASME Board on Pre-College Education, and local sections - to develop sessions and workshops on design issues of mutual interest. The primary dissemination mechanism for any symposia, paper sessions, poster sessions, panel sessions and workshops will be held at the International Design Engineering Technical Conferences(IDETC).
  • The DEC will actively support international design education dialogues and interactions.
  • The DEC will construct and maintain an informative website (linked to the ASME's and DED's web presence) to disseminate DEC information.
  • The DEC will hold at least one formal meeting each year, normally at the IDETC and conducts additional business as appropriate by e-mail and teleconferences. The most recent meeting minutes are available through this webpage. For any questions about the minutes, please contact the current Secretary.


The 12th International Conference on Design Education will be held at the IDETC 2015 in Boston, MA, August 2-5, 2015. Once again, the focus of the conference is on educational practices and methodology in the field of design education. Paper topics that fall under the umbrella of scholarship in design education typically include:

1) Scholarly Research in Design Education
2) Student Engagement in Design Education
3) Best Practices in Design and Design Education. Ideas and innovation are definitely encouraged!

Please consider joining us in Boston and contact:
Linda Schmidt (, Conference Chair, or Janet K. Allen (, Program Chair, with your ideas and/or for more information.

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