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Responsibilities & Operating Procedures

Responsibilities and Operating Procedures



The Chair of the DEC shall schedule, call, and preside over the annual DEC meeting at the International Design Engineering Technical Conferences (IDETC).

The Chair shall be the DEC’s representative or liaison to the Design Engineering Division (DED) General Committee and the Board on Engineering Education (BEE), and shall prepare and submit appropriate reports to the DED Secretary for incorporation in the minutes of DED General Committee meetings.

The Chair, with the assistance of the Secretary, shall prepare and submit an annual article for the DED Newsletter.

The Chair shall have served at least one full term in another capacity, preferably Vice Chair, of the Executive Subcommittee before assuming the role of Chair.


The Vice-Chair shall assist the Chair in directing the activities of the DEC and the DEC Executive Subcommittee.

The Vice-Chair shall preside over meetings of the DEC and the DEC Executive Subcommittee in the absence of the Chair.

The Vice-Chair shall organize the Designing for the Future Award activities working with the Chair to select student finalists, coordinate with the Program Chair to organize a session held at the annual IDETC for student teams to present, coordinate with ASME headquarters to ensure archival of student visuals, and coordinate with the DED awards committee to direct the activities related to the presentation of awards at the IDETC student luncheon. 


The Secretary shall record minutes of DEC and DEC Executive Committee meetings, ensure that they are properly archived, and distribute them—electronically, and in a timely manner—to the DEC membership.

The Secretary shall maintain a current roster of DEC members and contact information.

The Secretary shall be responsible for periodically reviewing and updating the DEC web site, maintained as a link from the ASME’s and DED’s web presence.

The Secretary shall assist the Chair in preparing and submitting an annual article for the DED Newsletter.

The Secretary shall maintain a list of DEC members to whom information on the annual conference and other DEC events should be sent.  The DEC affiliates list will include all DEC members in addition to those who attend committee meetings held annually at the IDETC and those who submit papers to the annual conference at the IDETC.


The Treasurer shall prepare and submit to the DED Treasurer a request for funding for expenditures.

The Treasurer shall collect and compile statements from DED for DED assigned account, make requests for funds, maintain the DEC accounts, and initiate strategies for developing funding for the DEC (e.g., by sponsoring sessions at IDETC).

Conference Chair

The Conference Chair typically assumes the position Conference Chair following the completion of a single year term as Program Chair for the previous annual conference.  In the event that the Program Chair does not assume the position of Conference Chair, the Conference Chair may be nominated by the Chair of he DEC Committee. 

The Conference Chair is responsible for the organization of the annual conference. The conference organization involves the following tasks:

i.    Coordination of the conference with the Meetings and Arrangements Chair of the 
      Design Engineering Division.

ii.   Promotion of the conference through the appropriate media. This includes the
      preparation and distribution of conference notices, calls for papers, conference
      programs, etc.

iii.  Development of invited sessions on topics of current or future interest. The
     Conference Chair may wish to appoint qualified individuals to arrange such
      sessions from time to time.

iv.  Arrangement for social functions at the annual conference.

v.   Interaction with the ASME Meetings Manager at ASME headquarters in
      New York City. Interaction with other committees who are actively planning annual
      conferences. Every effort should be made to cooperate with other groups in ASME
      who share common interests.

Program Chair

The Program Chair is nominated by the Chair of the DEC Committee and will typically assume the position of Conference Chair for the annual conference in the following year.

The Program Chair is responsible for the selection and review of papers for presentation at the annual conference. All papers submitted for presentation at the annual conference will be subject to peer review. This review process is separate from the review process for work submitted to an ASME Design Division Journal. Papers accepted for presentation at the annual conference must be technically correct, must be relevant to the themes of the conference, must be of current or archival interest, must not in any way have a commercial purpose, and must be written in a style appropriate for publication by ASME. Papers accepted for presentation at the annual conference will be published by ASME for distribution at the conference. Papers that are identified through the conference peer review process as having archival value may be submitted to the Associate Editor representing the DEC in order that they can be considered for publication in ASME Journal of Mechanical Design.

Outreach Chair

The Outreach Chair shall organize and direct the activities related to outreach such as:

  • Creating learning environments for K–12 students and teachers that will allow them to experience what engineers and engineering designers do,
  • Developing opportunities for international dialogue with counterpart colleagues outside of the United States as well as those at home, and
  • Spreading information about the value and importance of good engineering design to the public.

 Outreach Chair will report on those activities to the DEC Executive Subcommittee at the annual IDETC meeting. 

Immediate Past Chair

The Immediate Past Chair will serve as an ex-officio member of the Executive Subcommittee. The Immediate Past Chair will only vote on Executive Subcommittee business when there is a tie vote. Immediate Past Chair will serve as the liaison between the DED Honors and Awards Committee and the DEC. 


Once approved by the DED, a review of the Bylaws shall be listed as a formal agenda item in the annual meeting of the DEC in every even-numbered year.

Further, the Bylaws can be revised by a two-thirds majority vote of the members of the DEC who are also members of ASME and are present at the annual meeting (typically held at the IDETC). Proposed revisions must be forwarded to the DEC Chair at least 45 days prior to an annual DEC meeting in order that proposed revisions can be included in the meeting announcement, which shall be sent out to the DEC membership at least 30 days before that annual meeting. Proposed revisions will be discussed and voted on at the annual DEC meeting.

Members who cannot be present at the DEC annual meeting, but who wish to vote on the suggested revision(s), may cast their vote by sending a signed letter (through postal mail or email as a scanned attachment) to the Chair.  Votes must be received prior to the annual meeting in order to be counted in the official tally.   

The results of the voting on revisions will be announced at the DEC meeting at which the revisions are considered.

An up-to-date copy of the Bylaws shall be approved by and filed with the Design Engineering Division.



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