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Design Theory and Methodology

The mission of the Design Theory and Methodology Committee is to facilitate and enhance the development of design theories and the methods that grow from them.

DTM Best Paper Awards - (1998 - Present)


  Paper Number    





Method Selection in Human-Centered Design Teams: An Examination of Decision-Making Strategies

Vivek Rao, Euiyoung Kim, Jieun Kwon, Alice Agogino, Kosa Goucher-Lambert



Evaluating Crowdsourced Design Concepts with Machine Learning

Bradley Camburn, Yuejun He, Sujithra Raviselvam, Jianxi Luo, Kristin Wood



A Makerspace Is More Than Just a Room Full of Tools: What Learning Looks Like for Female Students in Makerspaces

Megan Tomko, Amanda Schwartz, Wendy Newstetter, Melissa Alemán, Robert Nagel, Julie Linsey



Product Performance Evolution Prediction by Lotka-Volterra Equations

Guanglu Zhang, Daniel A. McAdams, Milad Mohammadi Darani, Venkatesh Shankar



Design Roadmapping: A Framework and Case Study of Planning Development of High-Tech Products in Silicon Valley

Euiyoung Kim, Jaewoo Chung, Sara Beckman, Alice M. Agogino


Alex Burnap, Jeffrey Hartley, Yanxin Pan, Richard Gonzalez and Panos Y. Papalambros

2014 DETC2014-34739 The Impact of Sustainability on Consumer Preference Judgments of Product Attributes

Kosa Goucher-Lambert and Jonathan Cagan

2013 DETC2013-12700 The Influence of Timing in Exploratory Prototyping and Other Activities in Design Projects

Anders Häggman, Tomonori Honda and Maria C. Yang

2012 DETC2012-70420 The Meaning of "Near" and "Far": The Impact of Structuring Design Databases and the Effect of Distance of Analogy on Design Output

Katherine Fu, Joel Chan, Jonathan Cagan, Kenneth Kotovsky, Christian Schunn and Kristin Wood

2011 DETC2011-48173 Understanding of Emotions and Reasoning During Consumer Tradeoff Between Function and Aesthetics in Product Design

Brian Sylcott, Jonathan Cagan and Golnaz Tabibnia

2010 DETC2010-28675 Potential Limitations of Verbal Protocols in Design Experiments

Ivey Chiu and Li H. Shu

2009 DETC2009-87382 The Characteristics of Innovative, Mechanical Products

Matthew N. Saunders, Carolyn C. Seepersad and Katja Hölttä-Otto

2008 DETC2008-49276 Overcoming Blocks in Conceptual Design: The Effects of Open Goals and Analogical Similarity on Idea Generation

Ian Tseng, Jarrod Moss, Jonathan Cagan and Kenneth Kotovsky

2007 DETC2007-34758 An Evaluation of the Pugh Controlled Convergence Method

Daniel D. Frey, Paulien M. Herder, Ype Wijnia, Eswaran Subrahmanian, Konstantinos Katsikopoulos and Don P. Clausing

2006 DETC2006-99043 Identifying Customer Needs: Disabled Persons as Lead Users

Pia Hannukainen and Katja Hölttä-Otto

2005 DETC2005-84525 Affordances in Product Architecture: Linking Technical Functions and Users' Tasks

Adriano B. Galvao and Keiichi Sato

2004 DETC2004-57474 Insights on Designers' Sketching Activities in New Product Design Teams

Shuang Song and Alice M. Agogino

2003 DETC2003/DTM-48654 Combinatorial Laws for Physically Meaningful Design

Vasu Ramaswamy and Vadim Shapiro

2002 DETC2002/DTM-34023 Creative Stimulation in Conceptual Design

Oren Benami and Yan Jin

2001 DETC2001/DTM-21691 Product Development Process Modeling Using Advanced Simluation

Soo-Haen Cho and Steven Eppinger

2000 DETC2000/DTM-14550 A Model for the Flow of Design Information in Design

Steven B. Shooter and Simon Szykman

1999 99-DETC/DTM-8764 Product Architecture Development with Quantitative Functional Models

Robert B. Stone, Kristin L. Wood, and Richard H. Crawford

1998 98-DETC/DTM-5673 Agent-Based Synthesis of Electro-Mechanical Design Configurations

Matthew I. Campbell, Jonathan Cagan, and Kenneth Kotovsky

1997 Creative Design Methodology and the SIT Method

Roni Horowitz and Oded Maimon

1996 96-DETC/DTM-1505 HVAC CAD Layout Tools: A Case Study of University /Industry Collaboration

Jonathan Cagan, Richard Clark, Pratip Dastidar, Simon Szykman, and Paul Weisser

1995            - Generalized Models of Design Iteration Using Signal Flow Graphics

Steven D. Eppinger, Murthy V. Nukala, and Daniel E. Whitney

1994            - Optimal Tolerancing : The Link Between Design and Manufacturing Productivity
1993            - Wavelet Transforms in Fractal-Based Form Tolerancing

Kristin L. Wood and R. S. Srinivasan

1992            - Fractal-Based Geometric Tolerancing for Mechanical Design

R. S. Srinivasan and Kristin L. Wood

1991            - An Intelligent Real Time Design Methodology for Component Selection

S. R. Bradley and A. M. Agogino

1990            - Representing and Recognizing Features in Mechanical Designs

Susan Finger and S. A. Safier

1989            - Quantitative Inference in a Mechanical Design Compiler

Allen C. Ward and Warren P. Seering





Megan Tomko, Amanda Schwartz, Wendy Newstetter, Melissa Alemán, Robert Nagel, Julie Linsey


Guanglu Zhang, Daniel A. McAdams, Milad Mohammadi Darani, and Venkatesh Shankar


Euiyoung Kim, Jaewoo Chung, Sara Beckman, Alice M. Agogino


Alex Burnap, Jeffrey Hartley, Yanxin Pan, Richard Gonzalez and Panos Y. Papalambros

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