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The ASME Journal of Mechanical Design (JMD) serves the broad design community as a venue for scholarly, archival research in all aspects of the design activity.
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News & Updates

  • Assessing Quality of User-Submitted Need Statements From Large-Scale Needfinding: Effects of Expertise and Group Size

    J. Mech. Des 137(12), 121102 (2015); doi: 10.1115/1.4031655
    Collecting data on user needs can result in overwhelming amounts of data, especially if user groups are large and diverse. Additional analysis is necessary to prioritize a small subset of needs for further consideration. This study presents a simplified quality metric and online interface appropriate to initially screen and prioritize lists exceeding 500 statements for a single topic or product area. Over 20,000 ratings for 1697 need statements across three common product areas were collected in 6 days.  A series of analyses tested whether particular characteristics of users and groups affect the number of high-quality needs that can be generated.  The evaluated characteristics were user group size, needs submitted per person, and expertise and experience levels of users.  The results provided important quantitative evidence of fundamental relationships between the quantity and quality of need statements. Increased quantities of high-quality need statements resulted both due to increasing user group size and due to increasing counts per person using novel content-rich methods to help users articulate needs. However, a user’s topic-specific expertise (self-rated) and experience level (self-rated hours per week) were not significantly associated with increasing need quality.
    For the Full Paper please see ASME's Digital Collection.
  • Guest Editorial: Special Issue "Design for Additive Manufacturing: A Paradigm Shift in Design, Fabrication, and Qualification"

    In the Journal of Mechanical Design's November 2015 Special Issue, Guest Editors David W. Rosen, Carolyn C. Seepersad, Timothy W. Simpson and Christopher B. Williams discuss the ways that  "AM (Additive Manufacturing) is redefining how we design, make and qualify parts...."