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Journal of Mechanical Design

The ASME Journal of Mechanical Design (JMD) serves the broad design community as a venue for scholarly, archival research in all aspects of the design activity.

Reviewing Information

Suggesting Reviewers

Authors are encouraged to suggest a list of 3-5 names of potential reviewers for their submitted paper. They can do this by sending an email directly to the Associate Editor (AE) assigned to their paper, as soon as the Technical Editor makes this assignment. AEs may or may not use these reviewers at their discretion.

Review Process

Here are a typical manuscript’s journey stages. The abbreviations are AU: author, TE: technical editor, AE: associate editor, REV: reviewer. The numbers in parentheses indicate duration in weeks. An asterisk * indicates stage duration with little editorial control, the upper bound frequently violated. Using the upper and lower bounds, and without counting time for author actions and re-reviews, we see that completing a review to the point of production approval can take 3–6 months. Authors are given one month to revise their material, when so requested by the editors.

  • AU submits manuscript
  • TE assigns AE (1–2)
  • AE assigns REVs (2–4)
  • REVs perform reviews (4–8)
  • AE recommends action (1–3)
  • *AU performs minor revisions (1–2)
  • *AU performs major revisions (4–6)
  • AE requests re-review (1–2)
  • REVs perform re-review (4–6)
  • AE recommends acceptance (1–2)
  • TE recommends acceptance (1–2)
  • *AU submits production manuscript (1–2)
  • *AU submits 1903 FormTE checks manuscript for minor revisions
    and production quality (1–2)
  • *AU performs any needed revisions (1–2)
  • TE approves manuscript for production (1)

Each paper is reviewed by 2-4 reviewers, typically by three. The AEs recommend an action to the TE, who then makes the final decision.

Criteria and Philosophy

Reviewers evaluate each submission with respect to the following criteria: originality, significance, scientific relevance, completeness, acknowledgement of the work of others by references, organization, clarity of writing, clarity of tables, graphs, and illustrations. They also answer the following questions: In your opinion, is the technical treatment plausible and free of technical errors? Have you checked the equations? Are you aware of prior publication or presentation of this work? Is the work free of commercialism? Is the title brief and descriptive? Does the abstract clearly indicate objective, scope, and results?

In addition reviewers provide open form comments to the authors, particularly if they request revisions. They also may provide separate comments to the editors.

Becoming a Reviewer

If you have never submitted a paper to JMD, you must first create an account as corresponding author in the ASME online Journal Tool. In the corresponding author’s profile that you are creating for yourself, there is a “biography field.” You should place a text entry in that field starting by inserting keywords that most closely express your interests and expertise. (You can add some more bio information as you wish.) The reserved keywords you may use can be found in a pull down menu on the ASME journal tool, when you go to “Step 2: Submittal” of a paper submission process. These keywords are updated periodically, so you may wish to do the same for your profile. Once you have completed the profile process, your name is available for selection by an editor or associate editor. Please note that the database is specific for each journal and reviewers are not transferable to other ASME journals at this time; you make the journal selection when you create your author profile. As a registered author in the system, you should send an email to the JMD associate editors that most closely relate to your fields of expertise (Editorial Board profiles are found on this site), and express your desire to serve and the areas you consider yourself an expert. You should copy your email to the technical editor and to the editor’s assistant. At this point, any JMD editor can select you as a reviewer for a paper at hand and add you to the JMD reviewers database. This is done only once, and your name will appear in the reviewers list for use by any editor for any JMD submission.

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