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Multibody Systems & Nonlinear Dynamics

The Multibody Systems & Nonlinear Dynamics Technical Committee of the Design Engineering Division


The purpose of the Technical Committee on Multibody Systems and Nonlinear Dynamics (TC-MSND) is to promote research, application, and education in experimental, symbolic, computational, and analytical activities pertaining to multibody systems and nonlinear dynamics and related technical areas. The TC-MSND serves as a body whose goal is to organize conferences, aid the ASME Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics, and foster meetings, student competitions and awards. Each of these provides a means for the exchange of new ideas and applications in computational, rigid and flexible multibody system dynamics and all aspects (analytical, numerical, and experimental) of dynamics associated with nonlinear systems. The broad scope of the TC-MSND is manifest in the diversity of its members and in the breadth of their experience and applications interests. These are reflected in the associated ASME Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics which encompasses all computational and nonlinear problems occurring in aerospace, automotive, biological, electrical, mechanical, physical, and structural systems.