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Multibody Systems & Nonlinear Dynamics

The Multibody Systems & Nonlinear Dynamics Technical Committee of the Design Engineering Division

Honors and awards

It is the mission of the ASME Technical Committee on Multibody Systems and Nonlinear Dynamics to promote and recognize excellence in research, education, and leadership in the areas of multibody systems and nonlinear dynamics. One mechanism for doing so is through the prestigious awards given to a select few who have made significant contributions commensurate with their stature and stage of career.

Please follow the links in the left navigation menu to learn about these awards, including the d'Alembert Award for lifelong contributions to the field of multibody systems, the Lyapunov Award for lifelong contributions to the field of nonlinear dynamics, and the Best Student Paper Award.

A call for nominations for the named awards is disseminated broadly (and also made available through a link on this page) during the late summer and fall of the preceding year.