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  • Student Paper Competition

    Student Paper Competition

    The Technical Committee on Vibration and Sound (TCVS) invites students to submit papers to the TCVS Student Paper Competition, a part of the Conference on Mechanical Vibration and Noise (VIB). The second annual competition will be held at the 26th VIB Conference. No more than three prizes (First, Second and Third) will be awarded. These prestigious awards will be presented after a very careful and detailed review (of the written paper) by several highly qualified judges. The First Place Award carries an honorarium of $250, the Second Place Award carries an honorarium of $150, and the Third Place Award carries an honorarium of $100. The manuscripts should be submitted by the deadline for the general sessions. The manuscripts selected have to be submitted to the regular tracks of the VIB Conference, at which time, the authors must express their interest in being considered for the student paper competition. The first author of a paper must be a student at the time of submission to enter the competition. A first author student shall not be an author of more than one paper in the competition. A faculty adviser shall not be a co-author in more than two papers in the student paper competition. The award is contingent on the student presenting the paper at the conference.

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