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  • KBR Offering Talks for PDH

    KBR is offering two upcoming talks this month with focus on two different categories – one in Ethics (Wednesday, Jan 24 2018) and one in Engineering/Technology (Tuesday, Jan 30 2018). Below you will find links to brief description and registration for each talk.

    (A) Evening Lecture Ethics – From the Great Philosophers to Professional Practice
    Speaker: Richard Skeirik, P.E.
    Date and Time: Wednesday, January 24 2018, 5:15pm – 6:45pm ($15 for KBR Employees)
    Lecture Details: Evening Lecture Ethics - From the Great Philosophers to Professional Practice
    Registration Link: http://aiche-philadelphia.org/programs/continuing-education/continuing-education-2018/january-24-2018-ce-engineering-ethics/january-24-2018-registration/

    Richard Skeirik is expert in personality disorders on top of his process engineering expertise. He has authored and published a number of books in both fields. He has worked for DuPont Engineering in various organizations, worked independently as patent infringement litigation consultant, and also runs an e-commerce enterprise.

    (B) Energy Audit: Pinch Analysis
    Speaker: Stéphane Déchelotte
    Date and Time: Tuesday, January 30 2018, 5:15pm – 6:45pm ($15 for KBR Employees)
    Lecture Details: Energy Audit: How Pinch Analysis Can Help Reduce Process Energy Input
    Registration Link: http://aiche-philadelphia.org/programs/continuing-education/continuing-education-2018/january-30-2018-ce-pinch-analysis/january-30-2018-registration/

    Stéphane Déchelotte is an expert in the field of energy management (Pinch Technology). He is the current president of ProSim, a leading European engineering company that delivers both chemical process simulation software and consulting services to various processing industries worldwide. Stéphane Déchelotte is visiting from France for few days only. KBR hopes to have him share his expertise in Pinch Technology.

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