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Dynamic Systems & Control Division

Dynamic Systems & Control Division (DSCD) evaluate, discuss, analyze and publish new technical results; stimulate research and education innovations; enhance research and education in dynamic systems...
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Bio-Systems and Health Care

The Bio-Systems Technical Committee has the following focus areas:

  • Dynamics of Biological Systems
  • Medical Intervention and Control of in vitro and in vivo Systems
  • Rehabilitation and Motor Control
  • Medical Equipment and Bio-Instrumentation
  • Non-medical Applications of Biological Phenomena, Effects, and Processes

Current Officers of the Bio-Systems Technical Committee

Chair    Dumitru Caruntu
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Vice-Chair    Nitin Sharma
University of Pittsburgh
Recording Secretary    Wenlong Zhang
Arizona State University
Publicity Chair    Amirhossein Ghasemi
University of North Caroina at Charlotte
Past Chairs Davide Piovesan
Jin-Oh Hahn
Jun Ueda
Xiaopeng Zhao
Venkat Krovi
Rajesh Rajamani

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