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The Technical Committee on Mechatronics serves as a community for ASME members interested in the broad area of mechatronic systems, with a focus on integration of sensing, actuation, and control across a wide range of applications.   The Technical Committee works closely with two journal, the IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics and the International Journal of Intelligent Robotics and Applications; and three conferences, the American Control Conference, ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conference, and IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligence and Mechatronics.   In addition, the technical committee selects Best Paper and Best Student Paper awards from among mechatronics-themed papers at these venues.


Current TC officers are:


Garrett Clayton, (Villanova University), (610) 519-4798

Vice Chair

Douglas Bristow, (Missouri University of Science and Technology) (573) 341-6559


Sandipan Mishra, (Rensselaer Polytechnic University), (510) 710-6507

Publicity Chair

Kira Barton
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Industry Liaison

-- Open --

Awards Committee Chair

Kenn Oldham, (University of Michigan), (734) 615-6327

Past TC chairs:

Jun Ueda, Ga Tech
Lei Zuo, Virginia Tech (2017-2018)

Getting involved:

The Technical Committee on Mechatronics holds yearly meetings at the American Control Conference and ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conference, typically before the general division meeting.   Calls for participation in invited sessions are regularly distributed via the ASME DSCD e-mail list (; contact Kenn Oldham at if you wish to join.   Nominations for best paper awards are sought in July-August with respect to papers published the previous calendar year.

Recent awards selected by the committee include:

2019 Best Conference Paper on Mechatronics

Bingjie Hao, Kok-Meng Lee, Kun Bai

Eddy-Current Dynamic Model For Simultaneous Geometrical And Material Parameter Measurements Of Magnetic Materials

Presented at DSCC 2018

2019 Best Student Paper Award on Mechatronics

Zhihang Ye and Zheng Chen

Robust Control of 2-DOF Dielectric Elastomer Actuator

Presented at ACC 2018

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