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Dynamic Systems & Control Division (DSCD) evaluate, discuss, analyze and publish new technical results; stimulate research and education innovations; enhance research and education in dynamic systems...
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The Robotics Technical Committeehas the following focus areas:

  • Design and modeling of robotic systems
  • Control applications in robotics
  • Mobile robots and mobile robot collectives
  • Robot applications
  • Biomimetics, bio-mechanical, humanoid robots, human-machine interface

Current Officers of the Robotic Technical Committee

Chair    Davide Piovesan
Gannon University
Vice-Chair    Biswanath Samanta
Georgia Southern University
Recording Secretary Yan Gu
UMass Lowell
Past Chairs   

Jongeun Choi (2018-2020)
Yonsei University

Manish Kumar (2016-2018)
University of Cincinnati

James Dabney (2014-2016)
University of Houston--Clear Lake

Kevin Fite (2012-2014)
Clarkson University

ASME-DSCD Robotics Technical Committee Best Paper Award Process

The DSC Robotics Technical Committee grants two awards: a student best paper award and an overall best paper award. The papers eligible for the former award will have a robotics emphasis and need to have a student listed as a first author, who will also need to present the paper during DSCC. The latter award is reserved for papers with a robotics emphasis, but without any particular requirement regarding authorship, although it must be presented during the DSCC by one of the listed authors. In each case, a plaque and $750 honorarium will be presented at the next DSC Division meeting.

Process: For each award, a "down select" to approximately 5 papers will be made based on a combination of factors: 1) conference paper reviews provided by the publication chair; 2) feedback from former TC Chairs, current TC officers, and session chairs, based on presentations at the DSCC; and 3) nominations by members of the DSCD members. The best paper will then be selected from the remaining (approximately 5 for each category) papers following a detailed paper review by the current TC officers. Please send your nominations to James Dabney ( by email, specifying for which award you would like to be considered.

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