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Dynamic Systems & Control Division (DSCD) evaluate, discuss, analyze and publish new technical results; stimulate research and education innovations; enhance research and education in dynamic systems...
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Honors & Awards

Society Level Awards

Division Level Awards  

The Dynamics Systems and Control Division sponsors the following division awards. The awards are presented at the ASME Dynamic Systems and Controls Conference each year.

Awards given every year:

Awards given in odd years:

Awards given in even years:

View the Guidelines and Nomination Instructions for all DSCD Awards.


Honorariums cannot be distributed without receipt of a W-9 Tax Form. Please complete the form and return it to ASME:

Attn: Melissa Torres

List of Recent Award Recipients

Rufus T. Oldenburger Medal

2019 Huei Peng
University of Michigan, ANn Arbor

2018 Roberto Horowitz
University of California, Berkeley

2017 Miroslav Krstic
University of California, San Diego

2016 Jean–Jacques Slotine
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2015 Manfred Morari
ETH Zurich

2014 Bob Bitmead
University of California, San Diego

Rudolph Kalman Best Paper Award

2019 Nurali Virani, Devesh K. Jha, Zhenyuan Yuan, Ishana Shekhwata, and Asok Ray
"Imitation of Demonstration Using Bayesian Filtering with Nonparametric Data-Driven Models"

Mitchell Cobb, Nihar Deodhar, and Christopher Vermillion
"Lab-Scale Experimental Characterization and Dynamic Scaling Assessment for Closed-Loop Crosswind Flight of Airborne Wind Energy Systems"

2018 Kræn Vodder Busk, Mogens Blanke, Lars Eriksson, and Morten Vejlgaard-Laursen
"Control-Oriented Model of Molar Scavenge Oxygen Fraction for Exhaust Recirculation in Large Diesel Engines"


2016 Galip Ulsoy
"Time-Delayed Control of SISO Systems for Improved Stability Margins"

2015 Davide Spinello and Daniel J. Stilwell
“Distributed Full-State Observers with Limited Communication and Application to Cooperative Target Localization"

2014 Zheng Shen and Christopher D. Rahn
“Physics-Based Model of a Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid Battery and an Equivalent Circuit"

Nyquist Lecturer

2019 Lucy Y. Pao, University of Colorado Boulder

2018 Huei Peng, University of Michigan

2017 Daniela Rus, MIT

2016 Mark Spong, University of Texas Dallas

2015 Miroslav Krstic

2014 Naomi Ehrich Leonard

2013 Galip Ulsoy, University of Michigan

2012 Manfred Morari

2011 Mathukumalli Vidyasagar

Yasundo Takahashi Education Award

2019 Huei Peng

2017 Andrew Alleyne

2015 Jacob Akarian

2013 Devendra P. Garg

2011 Ronald C. Rosenberg

Outstanding Young Investigator Award

2019 Sandipan Mishra

2017 Kira Barton

2015 Rifat Sipahi

2013 Maurizio Porfiri

2011 Warren Dixon

Charles Stark Draper Innovative Practice Award

2018 Anna Stefanopoulou

2016 Andrew Alleyne

2014 Ranjan Mukerjee

2012 Anthony M. Phillips

Henry M. Paynter Outstanding Investigator Award

2018 Tsu-Chin Tsao

2016 Miroslav Krstic

2014 Andrew Alleyne.

2012 Asok Ray

Michael J. Rabins Leadership Award

2018 Kok-Meng Lee

2016 Huei Peng

2014 Dawn Tilbury

2012 Jeffrey L. Stein

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