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ECE Programming Committee

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ECE Programming Committee (ECEPC) responsibilities include new ECE (Early Career Engineer) program idealization, coordinated ECE program portfolio, assessment, budgeting for ECE programs, promotion strategy (FutureME), and assistance with key fundraising (grants) activities.
Under the direction of the SECD (Student and Early Career Development Council) the committee follows the following mission and vision statements.
Fostering innovative experiences and growth opportunities for student and early career engineers to contribute and connect with ASME and the engineering community.
A global community that inspires, connects, and empowers student and early career engineers
ECE Teams shall be determined in accordance with the goals set by the SECD and ASME covering appropriate programming. Examples of such teams are (but not limited to) the following:
ECE Representation in all levels of Society Leadership
This team is focused on integrating the voice of new generations of engineers across the society by identifying/developing a pathway for growth and development opportunities for early career engineers to serve on different committees at every leave of ASME.
Digital Engagement and Content Creation & Delivery
This team is focused on content development, newsletter and social media footprint for all the ASME FutureME online platforms and dissemination of relevant ECE topics and information.
Building Community through Networking and Events
This is focused on outreach and development to improve the level of early career engineer engagement among different groups (sections) and technical allies of ASME. In addition, help to connect early career engineers to local opportunities, to network professionally and learn from like-minded engineers in their background.
Targeting the Transition from Student to Early Career
This team is focused on building a set of programs that can help support and bridge the gap, that every graduating engineering student experiences, when transitioning from college to work life.
Developing Programs for Engagement with Employers
This team is focused on developing programs and content to engage with early career engineers, their employers, and ASME groups, providing services that are valuable to employers and their early career employees.