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News & Updates

  • Notice of Avi Bar-Cohen Passing and Tribute

    The Electronic and Photonic Packaging Division (EPPD) community deeply mourns the loss of our dear colleague and inspiring leader, Professor Avram Bar-Cohen, who passed away on October 10, 2020.  

    Professor Bar-Cohen had a most distinguished service career, creating the Mechanical Engineering program at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, and serving as Director of the Center for the Development of Technological Leadership at the University of Minnesota, Chair and Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maryland, Manager of the Microsystem Technology Office at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and Principal Engineering Fellow at Raytheon.  He truly impacted a vast section of our community in his role as the DARPA Technology Manager and other positions. His publications, lectures, short courses, and research, as well as his US government and professional service in technical societies, have been vital for the creation of the scientific foundation for the thermal management of electronic components and systems.

    Avi Bar-Cohen was the founder and major driving force of the two most prestigious conferences in our fields of thermal management of electronic cooling and packaging of electronics, IEEE ITherm founded in 1988 and ASME InterPACK founded in 1995.  He was our tireless advocate for industry-academia collaborations with a rare ability to articulate scientific and technical relevance appreciated by both academicians and practitioners.  He was always a maverick, pushing new areas so the thermal community will be involved from the onset of the design process. More recently, he spearheaded the thermal role in co-design and heterogeneous integration.

    He was awarded the highest honors in his field, including the top awards from ASME (Edwin Church Medal, Worcester Reed Warner Medal, EPPD InterPACK Achievement Award and EPPD Thermal Management Award – now ASME Allan Kraus Medal), from IEEE (Electronics Packaging Field Award, CPMT Outstanding Sustained Technical Contributions Award, and ITherm Achievement Award), from Semi-Therm (Thermi Award), and from the International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer (Luikov Medal). He also received top recognition from ASME (Honorary Member) and IEEE (Life Fellow).

    Dr. Bar-Cohen served his technical societies with great distinction, including on numerous ASME committees, on the Board of Governors of the IEEE CPMT Society, as its President, and as past President of the Assembly of International Heat Transfer Conferences, and he served as the Editor-in-Chief of IEEE CPMT Transactions for 10 years.

    His passion for and excellence in education, research and practice, his eminent achievements, his devoted service, his personal kindness, his extraordinary technical vision and distinguished leadership, were an inspiration to all of us in the thermal management and packaging communities. Avi was kind with always a wonderful smile and a mentor to so many. His boundless generosity extended to the new generation of leaders by providing guidance on aspects such as conference organization and supporting nominations for individuals in a variety of Society-level roles and recognitions.


    Avi is survived by his beloved wife of over 50 years, Anat, his children Barak, Raanan and Talia, and his adored grandchildren, Gabriel, Gefen, Luna, Maya, Nina, Caleb and Isaac.

    In honor of Dr. Bar-Cohen, we will celebrate his life at a ceremony at next week’s InterPACK conference from 12:50-1:50 on Oct. 27th.   Efforts are also underway to rename the InterPACK Achievement Award as the Avram Bar-Cohen Memorial Award and to elevate this award to ASME society-level status.  Our community will be always grateful for his legacy and will cherish his memory forever.

    - ASME EPPD Executive Committee

  • 2020 InterPACK Achievement Award Winner Announced

    Prof. Cristina H. Amon with University of Toronto has been announced as winner of InterPACK2020 Achievement Award.  Prof. Amon on will accept her award and give a presentation on October 28th, 2020. during the International Technical Conference and Exhibition on Packaging and Integration of Electronic and Photonic Microsystems InterPACK), being held virtually October 27-29,, 2020. Registration for the conference is open. Visit for more information.


    InterPACK Achievement Award is given to a single individual once every year at the ASME InterPACK Conference. Candidates should have demonstrated excellence and international recognition in the area of research and development related to electronic packaging, as well as service to the technical community at large. The scientific and technical leadership is demonstrated by the publications, patents awarded, technologies and products developed, and students advised. Candidates must also have a demonstrated leadership role in InterPACK over the years, such as organizational leadership, track leadership, session chairing, paper presentations and reviews, and so forth.

    Previous winners include:


    • 1999 Alan Kraus, Naval Postgraduate School
    • 2001 Prof. Wataru Nakayama, ThermTech International & Tokyo Institute of Technology
    • 2003 Richard Chu, IBM Corporation
    • 2005 Prof. Avram Bar-Cohen, University of Maryland
    • 2007 Prof. Dereje Agonafer, University of Texas at Arlington
    • 2009 Prof. Yogendra Joshi, Georgia Institute of Technology
    • 2013 Prof. Y.C. Lee, University of Colorado
    • 2015 Prof. Bahgat G. Sammakia, Binghamton University
    • 2017 Prof. Ken Goodson, Stanford University
    • 2018 Ravi Mahajan, Intel Corporation