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Energy Conversion Group

The purpose of the Energy Conversion Group (ECG) is to promote the art and science of mechanical engineering in the power generation and energy conversion fields through the technical divisions that...
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Honors & Awards

In addition to division awards, the Energy Conversion Group sponsors various Society-level honors and awards as summarized below. For a complete list of awards, view ASME Honors and Awards.

  • Soichiro Honda Medal
    The Honda Medal is bestowed on one in recognition of an outstanding achievement or a series of significant contributions of an engineering nature, in developing improvements of public importance in the field of personal transportation. Attention is focused on the brilliance of the achievement or on the overall effect of a series of contributions. The achievement(s) should call forth the admiration of engineers.
  • James N. Landis Medal
    The James N. Landis Medal is given for outstanding personal performance related to designing, constructing, or managing the operation of major steam-powered electric stations using nuclear or fossil fuels, coupled with personal leadership in humanitarian pursuits, which may include committee activities, Section leadership, or the broad non-technical professional activity of the nominee's engineering society.
  • James Harry Potter Gold Medal
    The medal is given in recognition of eminent achievement or distinguished service in the appreciation of the science of thermodynamics in mechanical engineering. The basis of the medal includes contributions involving the teaching, appreciation or utilization of thermodynamic principles in research, development and design in mechanical engineering.
  • George Westinghouse Medal
    The George Westinghouse Medals is awarded for eminent achievement or distinguished service in the power field of mechanical engineering. The achievement may be in power utilization, design, development, research, or the organization and administration of such activities.

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