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News & Updates

  • ASME OMAE Conference

    Join your colleagues from industry, academia and government at the ASME 2018 37th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering (OMAE2018) in Madrid, Spain from June 17–22, 2018.

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    OMAE2018 is the ideal forum for researchers, engineers, managers, technicians and students from the scientific and industrial communities from around the world to:

    • meet and present advances in technology and its scientific support;
    • exchange ideas and experiences whilst promoting technological progress and its application in industry, and
    • promote international cooperation in ocean, offshore and arctic engineering

    Following on the tradition of excellence of previous OMAE conferences, more than 900 technical papers are planned for presentation.

    Fun Facts

    • Madrid's official symbol is a bear rearing up on its hind legs and feasting on berries from the madroño tree.
    • A relaxed approach to life and work then, is just an extension of such refined culinary traditions. Spaniards and especially the good citizens of Madrid are quite happy not being limited by the rigid timetables followed so religiously in other cultures.
  • ESP Lecture Series: Focus on Integrity Management "Oil & Gas Infrastructure Inspections with UAV's"

    The first lecture went GREAT!!!  A great big "Thank you" to all that attended and to our speaker Mr. Jay Forte!  Be on the look out for the 'Save the Date' for the next Lecture in August 2016!