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ASME's EGD committee fosters collaboration to create opportunities for ASME members, volunteers and engineers around the world to meet the challenges faced by billions in under-served communities.
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  • The demand for engineering in global development .

    At the latest UN General Assembly, the international community agreed on the value of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – which range from halving extreme poverty rates to improving maternal health and providing universal primary education – to advancing global development. The MDGs are set to expire in 2015 and world leaders have agreed to move forward with adopting a new set of Goals in 2015.  The message is clear - global development is and will remain an international priority. 

    Achieving the MDGs requires novel solutions delivering value to society - social innovations – integrating multi-disciplinary perspectives to ensure sustainability. While the engineering profession is widely recognized as enabling human development; the link to lifting communities out of poverty and contributing to social innovation is often less clear. The fact is engineers have been increasingly engaging in global development via nonprofit, academic, and business avenues and leveraging their skills and technical know-how to develop solutions that deliver greater quality of life for underserved communities world-wide. However, these practitioners have limited opportunities for shared learning, showcasing innovative solutions and effective strategies in their field.

    Enter DEMAND, ASME’s Global Development Review. On November 1st, along with their issues of Mechanical Engineering Magazine, ASME members will be receiving the premier issue of this new publication created and published by ASME in collaboration with Mechanical Engineering magazine with reporting from Engineering for Change (E4C). This new publication provides a platform for engineers in global development to share insights with the greater engineering community while enabling collective learning through thoughtful, in-depth examinations of the technical, programmatic and community challenges related to their field. DEMAND will bring readers a unique mix of case studies, stories and original reports from contributing authors that are leaders in their fields, adept at combining engineering rigor and practical experience.

    The premier issue tackles thematic areas in global development such as energy, health and sanitation and includes applications from product design and technical performance to distribution and evaluation modeling. Authors have considered broader system contexts while demonstrating the application of engineering means and methods in the field and captured best practices and innovations in the sector.  The cases cover a wide range of subjects, but the unifying thread is the unique viewpoint—through an engineering lens—and demonstration of stakeholder-driven innovation as a model for solving the most pressing challenges of disadvantaged communities. 

    In addition to the print edition, DEMAND will also be available soon for download as an app both from the iOS and Android stores and will include extended information and enhanced graphics. More information is available at and we invite you to join the conversation on the topics you read about in the issue in the EGD group.