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The ASME Environmental Systems Division promotes the art, science and practice of engineering in all issues pertaining to the environment.
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News & Updates

  • You're Invited to the MER April General Meeting

    The Material and Energy Recovery Division will be holding a General Meeting.

    When: Tuesday, April 27th, 2021

    Time: 2:00- 3:00 PM Eastern Time

    Presenter: Professor Marco J. Castaldi of the City College of New York  

    Topic: "Quantitative Benefits of Waste to Energy" Waste to Energy (WTE) is a viable option for managing what MSW is left that is not recyclable and is a preferred method of disposal over landfilling under the US EPA waste management hierarchy and the European Union waste hierarchy. This presentation summarizes how WTE is part of a sustainable waste management solution and a responsible alternative when environmental and human health impacts are considered.

    Click here to join! 

  • April 2021 Newsletter

    The April 2021 edition of the Environmental Systems Division newsletter is available for download below.