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Environmental Systems Division

The ASME Environmental Systems Division promotes the art, science and practice of engineering in all issues pertaining to the environment.


Establishment of Policies and Processes for the EED Newsletter

I. Objective
     A. The EED Newsletter is a vital publication and output of the ASME Environmental Engineering Division (EED).
     B. The Newsletter has a long and storied history of representing the EED.
     C. The objective of the newsletter is to present the EED membership and other subscribers the latest developments on environmental issues.
     D. The Newsletter is intended to present to the EED membership and other subscribers a fair and balanced approach to environmental issues.  
     E. The Newsletter is predominately the work of EED volunteers who serve as contributors and Editor.
          1. There is no monetary or other remuneration for the Editor or contributors.

II. Purpose and Scope
     A. Provide EED members information on ASME activities and events of interest.
     B. Provide the EED membership and the environmental engineering community information on topics and developments on environmental engineering issues.
     C. Provide the EED community with a fair and balanced approach to environmental engineering topics and issues.
     D. Provide a forum to share technical information and viewpoints.

III. Newsletter Content
     A. The Editor has the authority to summarize information for inclusion in the Newsletter published by various organizations and/or articles submitted by individuals providing they are of a technical subject matter.
     B. Format -The Newsletter shall take the following format in each edition:
          I. Disclaimer
          II. Environmental Engineering Division News/Announcements
          III. ASME News/Announcements
          IV. Other ASME Division/Section/Society News/Announcements
          V. Other Engineering Societies News
          VI. Editorials by Editor or other members of EED Exec Committee
          VI. Federal Register notices/rules
               a. Environment
               b. Energy
               c. Safety
               d. Health
               e. FDA
               f. Other
          VII. State, Tribal and Local notices/rules
          VIII. Court Issues on environmental and energy issues
          IX. News
               a. Environment
               b. Energy
               c .Safety
               d. Health
               e. Food, Drug & Health
               f. Transportation
               g. Other
          X. Technical Commentary/Summaries on items of interest to the Environmental Engineering Community
          XI. Editorial Comments
    C. Acceptable Content
          1. Announcements from EED and other ASME Divisions
          2. Announcements from ASME
          3. Announcements from other professional societies
          4. Editorials from the EED Executive Committee
          5. Statutory and regulatory Summaries
               a) Technical evaluations
          6. News on Energy and Environmental Engineering Topics
          7. Technical articles on energy and environmental issues
               a) Non-political
          8. Rebuttals
          9. Articles of a technical evaluation that address political actions (e.g., environmental legislation or proposals) will not be deemed acceptable. This will be on a case-by-case basis and evaluated based on the technical merits of the article rather than as political advocacy.
          10. Editorial comments, if the Editor deems that comments are needed on Newsletter content, these comments may be included in the Editorial Comments section (Section XI).
     D. Non Acceptable Content
          1. Articles containing commercial endorsements or solicitations.
          2. Articles endorsing political candidates.
          3. Articles of a non-technical content that address political actions (e.g., environmental legislation or proposals).
          4. Articles of a non-technical nature or opinion.
          5. Articles that include language that impugns the character or person or organization, whether explicitly or implicitly, is inappropriate for the Newsletter and is not acceptable.

IV. Newsletter Header/Disclaimer
         A. The EED Newsletter is the work of the ASME Environmental Engineering Division.
         B. The Newsletter shall have the following disclaimer at the top:
              “Disclaimer: This Newsletter may contain articles that offer differing points or views regarding energy and other environmental engineering issues. Any opinions expressed in this publication are the responsibility of the Editor, Editorial Board and the Environmental Engineering Division and do not represent the positions of the ASME.”

Approved by:
EED Executive Committee
Date: May 19, 2016

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