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Welcome to the Florida West Coast Section of ASME! The Florida West Coast Chapter of ASME is committed to furthering the goals of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).





SECTION2. The purpose of this Section shall be to foster communication among Engineers, other Professions, and the public Professional Development of the members of this Society, to satisfy the interests of the membership, to provide social contact for the membership, and to enhance the public opinion of the Engineering profession.

ARTICLE II MEMBERSHIP SECTION 1. All members of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers residing within the boundaries of this Section, as established by the Society, shall be members of the Florida West Coast Section.

SECTION 2. Student members of the Society residing within the boundaries of this Section shall be members without voting privileges.

SECTION 3. The qualifications of voters at Section elections shall be the same as those prescribed by the Constitution of the Society. MANAGEMENT ARTICLE III

SECTION 1. The Management of the Florida West Coast Section shall be vested in an Executive Committee comprised of, the Officers of this Section and other members of the Executive Committee, as deemed by necessity and appointed by the Officers.

SECTION 2. The Officers shall consist of Chair, a First-Vice Chair, a Second-Vice Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer. Each Officer shall be elected to a one-year term beginning on the first day of July. The Election shall be by popular vote from all eligible voting members of the Section.

SECTION 3. The election of Officers shall be by ballot during the month of February, the results of elections shall be announced in March.

SECTION 4. The State for Officers for Election shall be made by nominating committee as prescribed in ARTICLE IV.

SECTION 5. The Chair will preside over the Executive Committee and general membership meetings. The Chair shall also perform as the Chief Executive Officer of this Section for all Official Sectional, Regional and National activities.

SECTION 6. The First Vice Chair shall be responsible for communications and in the absence of the Chair, at an event shall assume the position of Acting Chair. The Second Vice Chair shall be responsible for programs and special events, and in the absence of the Chair and the First Vice Chair shall assume the position of Acting Chair.

SECTION 7. The Secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings and report the Sections Activities to the general membership at each monthly meeting.

SECTION 8. The Treasurer shall be responsible for disbursing the Section’s funds and for establishing the Sections proposed budget. The Treasurer’s Report shall be read at all Section and Executive Committee Meetings. The Treasurer shall report the Sections finances to the Society in accordance with guidelines and procedures as established by The Society. All checks must be signed by an Officer of the Section. The Treasurer, the Chair or designated Officers of the Executive Committee will be the signing Officers and must have their signatures on file at the bank. The Chair or designated Officer are to be issued two blank checks for use in the absence of the Treasurer. Bookkeeping practices must be standardized and kept in accordance with the Society’s National guidelines and procedures.

SECTION 9. The Elected Officers shall appoint members of the Section to the Executive Committee. The members shall include but not be limited to, Chairs of the following Committees: Membership Development, Member Interests, History & Heritage, Professional Development, Public Affairs, Government Relations, Honors & Awards, Newsletter & Sponsor Advertising, and Student Section Advisor. A faculty Advisor for each College University or School with an accredited Mechanical Engineering Curriculum and a Student ASME Membership, a College Relations Representative and all Chairs of any section or group within the Membership of the Section. The Student Chair of any /Student ASME shall be on the Executive Committee as a non-voting member.

SECTION 10. The term of Office on the Executive Committee shall be from July 1st to June 30th.

SECTION 11. Members of the Executive Committee may hold more than one position, but each Member may only vote once. All actions of the Executive Committee will require a majority vote of the members of the Committee in attendance of a Meeting. The Members of the Executive Committee are expected to attend all Committee meetings. The quorum for an Executive Committee meeting shall be seven (7) voting members, two (2) of which shall be Officers.

SECTION 12. The five (5) Officers may appoint special committees, which may include non-members of the Section to assist the Executive Committee. Non-members have no voting rights on the Executive Committee.

SECTION 13. See section 9.

SECTION 14. The Executive Committee is empowered to declare Members of the Section as “Directors” of the Executive Committee. A Director should be a highly respected Member of the Executive Committee and have demonstrated dedication to serving the Section in the past. The Director shall serve as a voting member and in a consulting capacity at Executive Committee Meetings. The Executive Committee may declare a Member as “Director” by a two-thirds majority with a quorum as described in Section 11 of Article III.

ARTICLE IV NOMINATIONS SECTION 1. The Nominating Committee of this Section shall be appointed each year by the Chair. The Chair of the Nominating Committee will be the most recent Past Chair of the Section. The Nominating Committee shall be composed of three (3) Past Chairs.

SECTION 2. The Nominating Committee shall announce the slate of Officers in January of Each year. The ballot for election of Officers will be published in the February Newsletter, or by electronic correspondence, but not later than three weeks after the Nominating Committee announcement. Ballots by electronic mail will also be valid.

SECTION 3. A petition signed by five (5) section members for additional nominations will be sent via mail or Newsletter. Votes may be submitted by electronic mail. Selections are to be clearly described and must comply with designated deadline dates.

SECTION 4. The Chair of the Nominating Committee will be responsible for collecting the ballots, tabulating and announcing the results to the Executive Committee no later than the 20th day of March. Announcement of the Election Results are to be published in advance of the April Newsletter and via electronic mail to the Section Membership.


SECTION 1. The affairs of the Section shall be handled professionally and will conform to the Society Handbook, and to all other established rules and policies of the ASME, which shall take precedence over any discrepancy within the Section By Laws.

SECTION 2. The Section will be represented at the Regional Administrative Conference (RAC) by the Chair and the First Vice Chair, whenever possible. It will be the decision of the Executive Committee to appoint the delegates in the absence of the Chair and/or First Vice Chair. Funding budgeted by the South Eastern Region ASME can be supplemented by decision of the Executive Committee.

SECTION 3. This section shall be represented at the Professional Leadership Seminar (PLS) by the Chair and the First Vice Chair. The Executive Committee may authorize funding to ensure increased training of its Executive Committee. For substitute delegates, (ref. Article V section 2).

SECTION 4. The Section shall maintain a Professional and close rapport with all Student Sections in its area, to include authorizing reduced cost for officers and some members of the student section to attend regular Section Meetings. The Student Section shall provide a budget plan and a detailed Business Management Plan to support funding for special student activities, for approval by the Section by mid September each year.

SECTION 5. The By-Laws may be amended at any time by approval of the majority of the Executive Committee.

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