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  • Explore relevant technical concepts, industry trends,
    and workplace development issues.
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    and steps in career advancement and management
    allowing for professional and personal growth.
Over 50 videos covering the following categories: 

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In a field with so many specialized people with a diversity
of knowledge, engineering requires an open dialogue with
everyone from the design team, to people working in finance,
your manager, and those outside of engineering. The videos
present different contexts and tips to how engineers need to
communicate. The early engineer should be equipped with
the capabilities to make a good first impression, collaborate,
and learning from others. The act of communicating will be
needed whether or not one is sociable, so it is pivotal to
start practicing.
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When going through the beginning of an engineering
career there is advice everyone wishes they knew.
With discussions and interviews this package of videos
gives advice such that someone in their early career
can get ahead of the game. Learn how to approach
interviews, expectations to have when entering the
working world, experiences that advance careers,
how to maintain work, and how to liberate opportunities.
With the perspectives of various engineers who have
succeeded by learning from their own experiences,
viewing should reap the reward of wise advice.
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The newest innovations are ready for future engineers
to benefit from, and that includes additive manufacturing.
Additive manufacturing is the process of joining materials
to make objects from 3D model data and is most referred
to as 3D printing. Learn from the panel exactly how
additive manufacturing fits in with the history of
manufacturing practices, what sorts of standards will be
needed to incorporate these new technologies, and how
does the future engineer fit in with this young technology.
New problems in industry and academia are surfacing with
the use of 3D printers and these videos ask the future engineer
to be a part of the effort to solve those issue.
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The future is now with all the new energy related
innovations that give potential solutions for the new
engineer to solve major issues, all they need to do is
grasp for them. This set of videos will teach its viewer
what such innovations are and problems behind them.
Energy related innovations included are in thermal
energy, energy storage, solar solutions, and biofuels.
Not only are there technical lessons to glean but also
lessons about energy systems. With these tools the
viewer should be able to follow up with what problems
interest them. Watch the latest video.

There are distinct specializations that can be entertained
after graduating with a degree in engineering. This
package of videos gives a sampling of paths which some
engineers may wish to go down. This exciting assortment
of paths include aerospace, bioengineering, systems of
design, process safety, and the fossil fuel industry.
Sometimes non-traditional routes are taken where an
engineering background can help with starting a not for
profit with specific technologies or going into advocacy
within the political realm. With all of these choices an
engineer has a lot to decide from, which might as well
be discovered early in an engineer’s career.
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Navigating workflow for an engineer is difficult, which
is why industrial and Systems engineering helps by
making a framework where all coworkers can help with
a design from inception to the end user. These videos
cover some ways to think about the methods of an
engineer, ways of increasing efficiency, what these
methods can accomplish, and what engineers in
their early career should do to use these systems.
By looking at the larger culture that the engineer
works in one can gain a perspective from a
systematic approach. 

Every ability that an engineer has can be honed to
avoid mistakes and advance that engineer’s career.
These videos mark the importance for people in their
early careers to heed the advice of what skills should
be honed for specified tasks. The experiences of
entrepreneurship, supervising for a development
company, traveling the globe, risk taking, solving
problems, and hone skills that are countless and
beneficial to the engineer. Watch the latest video.

The reflections of a group of engineers can give some
of the most learned advice that will inspire action.
Luckily, those reflections were recorded and are made
available in these videos. Learn from those who went
through the unknown of the their career, those with
ASME by their side, people who came to grips with
their imperfections, people found they can rely on
others, and those that have experienced the fun
reward of helping others. Listen to those that speak
from the heart about the lessons learn from an
engineering career.
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