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Volunteer and Lead

The ECE Market Segment Teams are formed to keep the ECE Programming Committee (ECEPC) in the know with what is happening in and with their market -specific Industry and to deliver programs for ECEs in that specific market segment.

Learn more about the ECEPC Volunteer Structure

These are the high-level view of the team activities:

• Hand on the Pulse: The group will utilize analytic's to understand the ECE demographic of their segment to better know how to engage their audience.

In the Know: The group will report back on all information collected, programs developed and topics of interest for ME Today Article generation.

Connection: The group will keep connected to the ECE members in the community through and other social media platforms.

Network: Each Market Segment Group is to liaise with their corresponding group in the TEC Sector by attending meetings/calls and gather information on upcoming events and hot industry topics of discussion.

Collaborate: The group should also work with members of TEC to develop ECE programming within the ASME TEC event to involve ECE members.

 Execution: The group will also participate in the execution of the program for their segment group.

Market Segment Team
In addition to the above activities, Market Segment Teams are also responsible for engaging early career engineers through a variety of programs and content, including, but not limited to: networking, mini-talks, meet-ups, online collaboration, mentorship, training, etc. The team is responsible for Early Career programming project execution and content generation within the following specific Market Segments.

FutureME Think Tank Team
This team will work to streamline FutureME brand recognition. Establishing a brand identity for our early career programs under the concept of FutureME is meant to provide resources are for engineers by other engineers to use in their own career growth process within the profession and/or enhance to their career advancement and development. Mission to be the well-known, easily accessible, go-to source for career, technical, and professional development content for engineers who have 0-10 years of work experience via online and in person offerings.

Content Development Team
The content development team supports the post production activity for the multi-media content being generated through the ECE Programming Committee suite of programs. This team will work with the MST (market segment team) content management teams to establish and disseminate content through proper channels to deliver the highest quality of content online for early career engineers. Also collaborate with outside resources and groups to gain exposure for the generated content.

Grant Programs
The Grant Program is to stimulate and (help fund) local outreach for the development of programs and activities targeting early career engineers. 



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