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We bring you the current and relevant content and resources, tailor-made for engineers with 0-10 years of work experience, plus a broader view of opportunities and news from ASME.

About FutureME

FutureME Mission Statement: To be the well-known, easily accessible, go to source of career, technical and professional development content, resources and opportunities, tailored to engineers with 0-10 years of work experience, through online offerings and live (in person) events, and to facilitate community and connectedness among early career engineers using online forums and special events. 

Motto: FutureME makes ME better.

FutureME Mini-Talks (our flagship program) are a collection of short, peer-to-peer presentations delivered by early career engineers sharing their unique experiences and passion for their message. These impactful talks cover topics of interest for early career engineers ranging from personal growth to career and professional development.

On Twitter--- @ASME_FutureME: We bring you the latest content and resources for early career engineers, plus everything that’s happening at ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers).

On YouTube---  ASME FutureME Career Development: Relevant video content on industry trends, technical concepts, and workplace development in Mechanical Engineering for Student and Early Career Engineers---This series provides insight into career path guidance, network building, and steps in career advancement and management for professional and personal growth in the field of mechanical engineering.



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