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Behind the Scenes at the 2016 Annual Meeting

Opportunities for ECE to get involved in ASME

OPEN CALL to Volunteer and Lead - Apply Today

Every year, ASME committee members/volunteers head to the annual ASME Business Meeting. This years’ ASME 2016 Annual Meeting was held in Louisville, Kentucky.


There were different groups of Committees and Councils that assembled to discuss strategy and a path forward ideas to further make a difference in the engineering profession and also within ASME. With all that, keeping in mind the thousands of ASME members being served through our products and services.

The Student & Early Career Development (SECD) Sector met over the weekend (Jun 4-5). This sector includes a number of groups including the ECE Programming Committee (ECEPC), Community Development Team (CDT) and the Student Programming Committee (SPC), all governed by the SECD Council.

You're probably thinking, “Why should I care about in this type of activity” or “What’s in for ME?”

Well, there's so many benefits in giving back to your engineering profession as a volunteer. One of the BIGGEST way is to take an initial step to get involved with a professional society like ASME. It's an opportunity to develop skills that you can take back to your jobs and network and socialize with your peers and meet more established engineers that can impact your career. It’s a “safe” environment for you practice and experience some challenges that will have little impact on your career but huge gains for your overall development.

The ECEPC met on Saturday, June 4 from 12 PM to 6 PM with the meeting covered the best way to serve the ECE community. Your feedback would be of value. The discussions covered how to have be sustainable in succession planning; identifying the right stakeholders, collaborators, and introduce new programming that matters to ECEs. The target audience of ECEs that we are looking to engage with, fall between 0-5 years’ experience in the workplace/or out of school.  

The ECEPC consist of about ten early career engineers (0-10 years out of school) who volunteer over a specific time period, running meetings and contributing to others; planning events. They’re essentially dedicated to developing career development content that can help other ECEs in the engineering profession through the transitional phase of leaving university and/or get acclimated to a new work environment.  The team is very diverse with its members working in industry, academia and from across the globe lead by Anita Rebarchak, Engineer, Pratt & WhitneyThere’s plenty of opportunity to network creating relationships that will be everlasting well beyond the committee work.

If you are interested in applying for an open position please check out how you can apply. Take the initials steps that could change your life for the better. Next years’ meeting will be in Newport Beach, California.

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