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Key Points Delivered at the FutureME Mini-Talks @Power&Energy/ICONE 2016

A quick ran down of the FutureMEMini-Talk KEY points mentioned @Power&Energy/ICONE 2016:

MC Eduardo Barrientos, GM Global Propulsion Torino opens
the #FutureMEMiniTalks 

4 inspirational #FutureMEMiniTalks will be delivered over
the next hour on career development

Talk #1: Defining Disrupting and Changing Technologies
through Codes and Standards

Up first: Dan Comperchio @Willdan Energy Solutions on
engaging in the codes & standard process

Key point #1: Comperchio says the origin of codes and
standards saved lives when broilers were exploding

Key point #2: Constant innovation disrupts codes and
standards development; optimization of data is a necessity


Key point #3: Young engineers’ involvement in the process
allows for continuity to preserve knowledge

Code and standard development is a great way to interact
with your industry peers and give back to your profession. 

Find a committee in your area of interest, and reach out to
3 members and get involved! #FutureMEMiniTalks


Talk #2: Making a Gigaton of Difference

Up next: Marta C. Hatzell @MEGeorgiaTech on Making a
Gigaton of Difference in your career #FutureMEMiniTalks

Key point #1: Hatzell says learning how to collaborate is a
necessity to success #FutureMEMiniTalks

Key point #2: be prepared to re-invent yourself and/or
your solution #FutureMEMiniTalks

Key point #3: Commit to sustainable excellence at all
times #FutureMEMiniTalks

Talk #3: Taking Ownership as a New Engineer

Up next:  Jeffery Gibson @Siemens_Energy on taking
ownership as a new engineer #FutureMEMiniTalks


Key point #1: Gibson says you have to be vested in your
project and integrate yourself #FutureMEMiniTalks 

Ask questions, understand deliverables and how you’re
contributing to the big picture

Key point #2: understand how your strengths add to a
project and how weakness detracts from it.

Key point #3: Know your customer …what adds value,
understanding their needs #FutureMEMiniTalks

Talk #4: Incentives to Pursuing a Career in the Public Sector

Last talk: Jovica R. Riznic, @CNSC_CCSN on careers in
Public Sector

Key point #1: Riznic says a public service career has lots
of advantages in diversifying a work/life balance

Key point #2: Next the public sector provides opportunities
for career advancement thru collaboration

Key point #3: Finally, a career in the public sector is an
opportunity to make a difference #FutureMEMiniTalks

Riznic's final comments #FutureMEMiniTalks

#FutureMEMiniTalks are a wrap @ASMEPowerEnergy –
Speed networking is up next!
Thanks to everyone for following our #FutureMEMiniTalks
LIVE tweets @ASMEPowerEnergy!

ASMEPower & Energy Awesome presentations from all
speakers!@ASMEFutureME #PowerEnergy2016 #ICONE24
#FutureMEMinitalks Thank you !!

Congratulations to #FutureMEMiniTalks I-Pad 2 mini
winner Darrell Cheu at the Purdue University

A few pics taken:

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