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Volunteer Opportunities: ECEPC Recruitment for Open Committee/Team Positions

With the recent restructuring of the Student and Early Career
Development (SECD) Sector, the Early Career Engineer (ECE)
Programming Committee (ECEPC) was formed and is looking
to add volunteers to the committee and associated Market
Segment Teams

The purpose of the ECEPC is to serve as the core effort in
workforce development specific to early career professionals
within ASME. The ECEPC’s vision is to ensure that ASME is
the premier provider of professional, technical, and career
development resources and to provide the direction to make
ASME an irresistible society to attract and retain early career
professionals worldwide. 

Click on the open positions below to see complete details and
then complete the application
 to apply.

When selecting any of the MST positions below please
indicate the team (Power & Energy or Design & Advanced
that you are applying for and 
aligns with
your background and interest 

Openings for ECE Programming Committee (ECEPC)

(Three positions available)

Openings for Market Segment Teams (MST)

(Power & Energy or Design & Advanced Manufacturing)

MST, Co-Lead Positions
(One position available per team)

MST, Member Positions
(Multiple positions available)


If any of these positions sound like an opportunity that
interests you, please fill out the application form 
and send it to 

You will be able to indicate the specific position that you are 
applying for on the application. Please submit only 
one application that aligns best with your interests, 
skills and availability. 

We look forward to reviewing your application and hearing
about your excitement for early career engineer programs!

  •  This Application Form
  • Head / shoulders photo of candidate, in electronic format
  • “Letter of Support” from Employer or “Statement of Personal Availability" from Candidate 

Being a committee or team member provides many
unique experiences and opportunities including:
  • Participating with ASME at the national/international
  • Learning more about activities within ASME
  • Making friends and professional contacts
  • Increasing team-building and leadership skills
  • Having the opportunity to impact early career engineers
  • Gaining experience working with a diverse group of
  • Showing your employer that you are invested in promoting
    the engineering profession

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